Our only limitations are those we set up in our own mind!  Jesus said, "If you can believe, ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE."  Within this book are 9 KEYS for success, all of which were validated in my own life.  I was homeless, addicted to drugs, depressed and without hope.  Today I live in a amazing home, furthering my path to success and free of drugs!  I'M HAPPY & HOPEFUL.  I wrote this book to help every down and outer, the one who thinks it's over, the one who thinks "I've made too many mistakes."  I wrote this book for the one barely getting by living paycheck to paycheck.  I wrote this book for the person who is doing well in life, your needs are met, but deep down in your heart you know there has to be more.  I want to see everyone live a life without limits!

how to live a NO LIMITS life Book